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LifeCourse Capital protects your interests with a LifeBox

Your life’s story is more valuable than any amount of money or assets. Most people don't realize their life’s story is recorded on papers scattered around their homes, stuffed in drawers, or stacked on their desk. Are your files in order?

Do you have a will or a medical power of attorney? Could your family find them in an emergency?

Let us help! Committed to protecting the life story of each of our clients, LifeCourse Capital developed the LifeBox: a system to assist clients to consolidate and safeguard the essential documents that represent their lives’ activities.

This comprehensive service includes a step-by-step consultation with a financial advisor to guide you through the processes of completing a series of easy-to-use forms designed to help you capture your important financial, medical, and personal information. 

LifeBox advisor will help you to catalog the documents relating to:

YOUR Health: Insurance, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical History etc.

• YOUR Banking & Investments: Accounts, Annuities, Pension/Social Security, Safe Deposit Box, etc.

• YOUR Insurance: Life, Home, Auto, Long term and any additional policies.

• YOUR Estate: Power of Attorney, Will, Estate Plans, Funeral Arrangements and Related

Important Life Information: Websites/Passwords, Memberships, Subscriptions, Credit Cards, Marriage License, Titles, Deeds, forms of I.D., Dependents and Guardianships, Loan and Loaned Partnerships any unfulfilled responsibilities.

Once these files are captured they are safely filed away in your safe and written to a disc for your safe keeping.* By being prepared and organized you can save yourself and your loved ones from stress, avoiding the inconvenience of sifting through piles of paperwork in a time of loss, distress or emergency. You also give yourself a peace of mind, preventing you from being distracted from the important business of living your life to the fullest.

*LifeCourse Capital does not maintain or store client documentation or sensitive information. Clients are advised to keep copies of electronic data on a disc in their LifeBox or another secure location.