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Guiding you to your Financial Future

Based in Madison Alabama, LifeCourse Capital, Inc. is an investment advisory registered with the state of Alabama, specializing in cultivating personal relationships with the members of the community in order to provide customized financial programs and products.

LifeCourse Capital beliefs:

We believe: That in all business dealings honesty, integrity, transparency and respect are paramount.

We believe: That through good financial planning results can be accomplished in reaching our financial goals and objectives in life.

We believe: That knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, the stock market, interest rates and tax codes are necessary for navigating a successful financial plan.

We believe: That money will not buy us happiness, but is a significant tool and facilitator for us to accomplish our dreams in this life.

We believe: That each person has different needs and objectives they want to achieve and thus requires different and sometimes unique plans.

VISION: We achieve our mission by educating through classes, informing, working together, evaluating your needs and goals, reviewing your tax situation and current investments, then developing a plan that is stress tested for several market conditions.

By guiding clients to pursue their financial objectives, we strive to establish long-term relationships by acting responsibly, honestly, and with the highest integrity.

Establishing relationships is the key to empathetic advising and equips our advisors to develop the strategies to suit a client’s vision and objectives. Dedicated to the needs of clients, these seasoned professionals are committed to making financial planning accessible. With an advisement team possessing over thirty years of experience in the banking and financial industries, LifeCourse Capital is home to seasoned, qualified representatives that develop tailor-made financial programs designed to educate, instill confidence and to serve as a roadmap toward a more secure financial future.