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The Perfect Storm: Identifying Retirement Risks & How to Avoid Them

A LifeCourse Presentation

A LifeCourse Presentation

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 6:30
at the Athens-Limestone Public Library
603 South Jefferson Street, Athens, AL 35611
RSVP to attend 256/489-4400

The Coming Storm?

We're facing an historic event. This event affects over 78 million Americans right now. And it’s never been seen before anywhere on Earth. No one is completely sure how to deal with this because it’s the first time in human history that we are facing this situation. What am I talking about?

The event is called retirement. And it’s much more of a journey than a specific event. The largest generation of people born anywhere – The Baby Boomers - is retiring.

We said that we’ve never seen this before in human history, but certainly we understand the concept of retirement. People HAVE retired before. What makes this situation completely unique is the numbers themselves.  We are looking at a scenario with 78 million Americans, essentially a quarter of the population in retirement. This is the first time we have ever had such an incredibly large number of people in retirement. If you go back just one or two generations, you will see very clearly that most people didn’t even make it to age 65.  In fact, when FDR created the Social Security program, the average life expectancy in America was 57 years old.  In less than 100 years we have increased the average life expectancy by nearly 25 years per person. That’s an amazing benefit, but it carries some significant financial implications.

There are three major financial pitfalls that could impact the quality of your life in retirement. These Risks are coming together at this critical time to create what some people call the perfect storm.

Retirement is not the storm . . . it’s just a normal life stage for millions of people.  The storm is the simultaneous combination of risk factors that are affecting retirees right now.  The storm is a unique set of forces that are all coming together to create some significant risks that previous generations of retirees have never had to face.

This presentation is designed to help you identify and address these factors. Join us for our next presentation or contact us today to schedule a presentation for yourself, your church or your place of business.

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